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Our Service

Our Service

With prompt service from sales stage through to construction, iLiv Constructions delivers a professional, honest and friendly service. Our aim is to achieve an enjoyable, satisfying experience for all our clients.

Whether you are a developer or building / renovating your own property – building can often be a daunting process. At iLiv Constructions we listen to our clients’ requests and alleviate any concerns. Our pricing includes all those hidden little extras so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your build cost will come in on budget.


We work with a strong focus on attention to detail and always strive to take that extra step by offering personalised service. Our team can guide clients through every step of the construction process. From plans, engineering and soil testing right through to Interior Design services to aid in the selections process, we work with you to make your build an enjoyable experience.

We are proud of the work we do, and we know you will be too. Contact iLiv Constructions today.

Time for Your Dream Home? Work with ILiv Constructions as Your Luxury Home Builders in Gold Coast

When you buy your first house, or when you are shopping on a tight budget, it makes sense to make compromises. You might sacrifice a few features you want to get a home in a prime location, or you might widen your location radius to get more house for your budget. When it comes to buying your dream home, though, you don’t want to settle for anything. A dream home should be your forever home. It should be perfectly suited to your wants, needs and budget.

Often, that perfect home doesn’t exist yet, but that doesn’t mean it can’t exist. With the right luxury home builders in Gold Coast, you can bring that perfect home out of your dreams and make it a reality.

iLiv Constructions: Your Dream Home Partner

At iLiv Constructions, we pride ourselves on helping our clients plan and build their dream homes. As a rule, we do not create cheap or cookie cutter homes. Our mission is to bring luxury home construction to Gold Coast, and that goal often dovetails perfectly with individuals or families who are ready for their forever homes.

The thing with finding the ‘perfect home’ is that everyone has a different concept of what it should be. Your perfect home might be a spacious country residence where you can settle down and raise a big family. It might also be a slick, modern residence near the city, where you can entertain guests, live a swanky lifestyle, and still get to work on time. Add all the different styles, features, rooms, fixtures, and amenities that factor into a home purchase and everyone’s perfect home ends up like a fingerprint: unique.

As a result, shopping for a home when you are looking for a permanent residence is usually an exercise in frustration, futility, or both. No matter how many homes you look at, there is almost always something that goes against the blueprint you have in your head. Maybe there aren’t enough rooms, or perhaps the kitchen is too small to suit all the entertaining you want to do. Renovations and expansions are always an option, of course, but they take extra time and money and mean your home won’t be move-in ready when you buy it.

Therein lies the benefit of working with a builder for your dream home. When you team up with iLiv Constructions for your luxury house construction in Gold Coast, we will work closely with you and your family to understand your wants and needs. The reason we can build such unique homes is that we listen intently to our clients during the planning phase—and after that. Our worst nightmare is that we will finish a construction job and the house won’t be exactly what the client wanted. We work hard to make sure your dream home doesn’t become our worst nightmare.

Get Started with Your Luxury Home Construction in Gold Coast

Are you ready for your dream home to become a reality? Call iLiv Constructions today and let us be your luxury home builders in Gold Coast. We look forward to building your perfect home for you.