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Our Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy

At iLiv Constructions our philosophy revolves around the provision of a complete and personalised service to all our clients. Our focus is to provide affordable, innovative, liveable and sustainable housing options to suit the needs and lifestyle of today’s market-savvy buyers. Simply put, its “LIVING MADE EASY”. iLiv Constructions offer complete and personalised services to suit all budgets.

The Future

iLiv Constructions continues to produce quality homes on the Gold Coast. With the construction industry demand in Queensland, the near future will see even more proud iLiv Construction home owners right across Queensland!

Come and visit us at our showroom in Nerang and start building your dream home today! Meet with iLiv Constructions to discuss your next successful development project.

Remake Your Entire Home with Renovation From iLiv Constructions

Deciding to re-do an entire house, whether it’s your own home or one you’re managing, can be a huge decision. Entire home renovations take time, and there’s a lot to consider when thinking about every aspect of a home’s construction and design. Figuring out what to preserve and how to improve on what’s there can be complicated. If you’re thinking about giving your entire home a renovation, it’s important to find a builder that’s going to be easy to communicate with and attentive to your unique vision.

As a small builder with an experienced crew, iLiv Constructions offers a customer-first approach to building with a focus on custom homes and entire home renovations. Turning your outdated home into something beautiful — and valuable — can be well worth the investment. It’s just a matter of getting the renovations right to bring out the best in the home you’ve got. At iLiv Constructions, we think that comes down to two things.

The first is detail. Paying attention to every step of the renovation process and thinking through the build comprehensively before we start not only gives our team a better understanding of how we’re progressing but also allows us to offer up-front fixed pricing on our work. You can relax knowing we’ll cover every aspect of the project and help you bring your dream home to life.

Then there’s communication. As a custom builder, we know how easy it can be to miscommunicate about design options and your vision for the project. Our committed team will work hard to understand exactly what you’re expecting for the result rather than steamrolling you through the process, which can sometimes happen with inexperienced and vision-averse home renovators. To see how it all adds up to a big difference in your home renovation experience, get in touch with iLiv Constructions today.