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Three Considerations when You Look for a Commercial Builder or a Company for New House Construction on the Gold Coast

The opportunity to create something where there was nothing before is not one to pass up, primarily when it provides you with the opportunity to make things exactly as you want them. Whether it’s a new building for a business or a personal home, you …read more .

Looking to Partner with the Top Home Builders on the Gold Coast for a Custom Building? Choose the Right Contractors to Realise Your Dream

The opportunity to create your dream home is one that often only comes once in a lifetime — and that’s why it is so vital to ensure it is done correctly from the very beginning. When you settle in for your first night in your new home, you don’t …read more .

Looking into Duplex Building on the Gold Coast? Learn More About the Construction Process from Experienced Builders

Not every building project places a focus on creating the most extensive or grandest structure possible in a given space. Sometimes, the emphasis instead belongs on how to make the best use of a given parcel of land that may not be large enough to …read more .

Looking for House Building Companies in Gold Coast? Choose iLiv Constructions as Your Construction Company

Deciding to build a home is a huge decision and you ought to take care when choosing house building companies in Gold Coast. You select to build a home because you understand you deserve a residence that is unique to you and serves all your needs …read more .

From New House Construction to Multi Residential Construction, iLiv Constructions Can Help You Create the Idyllic New Home in Gold Coast

Versatility is a big priority for our team at iLiv Constructions. We want to serve the needs of a wide range of different clients. From first time homebuyers to residential real estate investors and individuals ready to customise their dream …read more .

When Hiring Residential Construction Companies in Gold Coast, Choose a Builder That Offers Fixed Pricing

Budget is an important thing. For many people, buying or building a house is the most significant investment of a lifetime. This process is expensive, and while it’s also incredibly rewarding to end up with a home you love, there is typically some …read more .

Beautiful Apartment Renovations in Gold Coast

An apartment building comes with a special set of building challenges. You need something that’s going to feel like home – cosy and personal — while simultaneously providing services for multiple families efficiently and effectively. This kind of …read more .

Detailed Commercial Construction

Not every commercial construction project is the same. Too often, commercial planners get stuck with a builder who thinks everything can be pushed out the same as always. While there are a lot of aspects of commercial construction that can be …read more .

Considering a Complete House Renovation?

It may seem like a drastic step to renovate your entire house. There’s certainly a lot to consider when doing something that will affect every aspect of your home. This process can be well worth it, both by creating a more liveable space and by …read more .